Our Products and Prices

We offer a range of tasty British poultry products year round. 

Our products are shown below and are split into retail and wholesale price lists.

Drop us a line to put in your order or ask us any questions.

Retail and Christmas orders must be collected from the farm shop. NOW ACCEPTING CARD PAYMENTS!

(Please note these prices are subject to change without notice.)

Retail Price List

Come and visit us at our farm shop and go home with quality poultry from your local farm.

Contact us if you have any special requests and we will be happy to see if we can accommodate them.


Prices shown are in £ per kg unless otherwise specified.

Fresh Oven Ready Chicken

Fresh Free Range Oven Ready Chicken



Free Range Chicken Breast Fillets

Free Range Chicken Legs

Chicken Supremes 6oz

Chicken Supremes 7oz

Chicken Supremes 8oz

Chicken Supremes 9oz

Chicken Breast Fillets

Half Chicken Breast Large

Half Chicken Breast Medium

Half Chicken Breast Small

Chicken Dark Meat

Chicken Legs

Chicken Legs (Pack of 10)

Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken Thighs

Chicken Wings

Chicken Livers

Extra Large Barn Reared Eggs 

Free Range Large Eggs

Medium Eggs

Duck Eggs

Quail Eggs (only available to order)

Oven Ready Duck (only on order)

Gressingham English Duck Fillets

Duck Legs

Guinea Fowl (French)



Oven Ready White Turkey

Oven Ready Bronze Turkeys

Turkey Breast Roll

Turkey Dark Meat Roll

Turkey Legs Large

For turkey prices and information, please contact us.



to order

to order


85p each

1.30 each

1.35 each

1.40 each

1.45 each


1.55 each

1.45 each

1.35 each


0.58 each

5.50 each

0.32 each

0.32 each



2.10 per doz

2.30 per doz

1.60 per doz

2.80 per doz

1.40 per doz





4.75 each

Need recipe inspiration for your turkey?

Check out turkey recipes at the British Turkey website.

How about doing something more exciting for your chicken?

Have a look at the Great British Chicken site for exciting recipes.

Wholesale Price List

Stanacre Poultry Co. Ltd. have been supplying quality poultry to the restaurant and catering businesses for decades. 

To discuss the needs of your business and for wholesale prices, please contact us.